Monday, April 20, 2009

For leaders and mnagers

Covey's four imperatives for leaders and managers

- Inspire trust: You do this by modelling, by being a person of high character who can be personally trusted. You also inspire trust by trusting associates in the organisation, empowering them with opportunities to be engaged, to make decisions, to contribute their best thinking or talents. You will find that you will be much better at finding creative solutions, especially in tough times.

- Clarify purpose: Share a clear vision with your organisation and teams. Your vision needs to be tied to the needs of all your most important stakeholders who are your associates, clients, board members, etc. Everyone needs to understand the most important goals for them to focus and execute on.

- Align systems: To achieve your vision and your goals, you must align your systems, structures and processes to enable results. So often goals are simply not met because of misalignment. The end result is often mediocre if not altogether poor performance. This can be especially demoralising to people who want to produce but find themselves constrained.

- Unleash talent: Great leadership doesn't come from the top-down. You have to get the best from everyone by developing their capabilities and capacities for self-leadership. Empower people, co-develop goals and jobs-to-be-done with them and set up accountability and rewards.

David Tusing

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