Saturday, August 15, 2009

My first night class

Replacing form five teacher for the night class tonight at first looked awkward. I didn't know the students and according to the schedule, they were the elitis of the SPM candidates for the school. This evening, I webt to the book store and got sample questions for 1119. I hope it would help me because it would be a-two-hour class.

I stepped into the class and saw the pupils who were sitting in a proper manner waiting for the teacher. They were quite surprised to see another person to come into the class. Most of them were girls and only 6 boys sitting in a row at the back of the class. Pity them and at least they were the chosen one.

I was sitting in front of the class on the teacher's chair when I started the conversation. I asked them a few questions about the weekend and then the idea came. I asked them to write a paragraph starting with .. I was alone at home. I asked them to continue writing in a piece of paper. By then, I would know the level of the students. After 20 minutes, they stopped writing and while marking, I asked them to do exercises on MCQs'. One by one, slowly and carefully I read their piece of writing. I started to feel confident to be with them by the way they presented their parapraph. Most of them were making major mistakes such as tenses and spelling. I underlined the mistakes and trying to help by rewriting the correct sentences.

The best student were given marks under U1 - 15 because of the major mistakes and quite a few students were below 7, meaning that they were in Uiii level. They were satisfied to see the teacher discussed with them and improving their writing.

I hope that they got something for their command of english and it was a good start for me after two years.

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lindaisy said...

Bravo, Bro! you've still got the hang of it as an English teacher. Welcome back to the real world of education.