Sunday, January 10, 2010

Placement test

Last year, most of them passed the English papers with good grades. This year I will teach them and get them prepared for PMR. I always want to teach either form 2 or form 4 so that we will play more to get educated. Nowadays, learning english is different from out time. We don;t have to understand grammar in isolation. Today, I gave them a few words in present tense and asked them to write the words in past tense. Unfortunately, they couldn't. My task will be even more challenging.  


Yati Wahab said...

Learn english should be fascinating. Getting know why and benefit to learn english give them more courage to learn better. Learning thru doing will be more alive. Use newspaper also could attract more. Maybe sing a song..or activities in the field or school compound..

i know teach english in rural area really big job and frustrated...please don't give up...try harder and harder...

still remember when i was at form 1 there, at that time miss jane if i'm not mistaken from Ireland teach us english..i'm the one who really2 struggling to understand and learn english maybe like they are now..

Naser & Yati said...

Fuhhhh! guru english paling aku takut time sekolah..walaupun depa baik..takut kena jawab U!