Saturday, January 4, 2020

Melody needed

The moment I stared in your eyes
I felt that there might be a sign
 thinking it was meant to fly
 knowing that you belong with me

I was in a paralyzed
Seeing the fact that you were the one
Wishing it was you but not
I knew there gotta be a light
To this never ending story
I wish this was a fairytale
You are my prince to princess to this story
And I know that very well 
I can show you the world 
If I had a chance
I would give everything
That you will deserve
I don't need to reserve
Because your the only one
I love
And I be by your side
When you need me 
I be the one standing when you have fallen
And when my feet is off the ground
Who be there to rescue you now
I have know you for a long time 
Knowing something is gonna change
Knowing the pain
Feeling ashame
When I look into your eyes
I felt light inside
And when you laugh
I know it's good sign
I haven't met your parents 
And I know I'm not a fancy person 
But I'd you gave me chance
I will show you everything 
If I had chance~

Contact me if your older 10-15
Sing and send to show and express your talent

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